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Cutting-edge technology for the future era of Smart Displays, VR, Connected Cars and Mobile.

Mobile apps

Designed for the future

Ready for a new experience?

Orbie generates a personalized & fully automated video stream with voice narration, animated media and captions.

Automatic video feedA new content delivery format
VR mode (Cardboard)The world's first VR news aggregator
Voice narrationText to speech news narration
SocialLogin, likes, sharing and more
Ai poweredMachine learning search technology
PersonalizedTags, filters, search and more
Real timeZero latency web crawler
GlobalNational content for 10+ Countries in 8 languages
News in VR

Virtual Reality

The world's first VR news aggregator

Immerse yourself in an incredible new world, find yourself above earth and discover a new way to browse the news.

News on Smart screens

Smart Screens

TVs and Digital Assistants

The most advanced User Interface and User Experience models for digital news content on smart TVs and digital assistant screens.

News for Smart cars

Smart cars

News for Infotainment

Automated / hands-free news feed with voice narration and voice control.

Core technology

Ai + Machine Learning

Worldwide news search engine

Orbie's backbone is a cutting-edge search crawler and machine learning technology that processes, ranks and categorizes thousands of articles per day.

Orbie ai Search Technology


Orbie Ai delivers global digital news content across 70+ countries in 30+ languages

In real-time

Orbie ai channels

+ thousands more...

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